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  • New start, New hope——Report on welcoming new students in Hunan Sany Polytechnic College

  • 日期:2020-10-12 21:43:36 点击量:
  • Source:Tang Shaofeng;Editor:Zhang Miaochen

    October 10th, HSPC started welcoming more than 3000 new students from all over the country.

    The bright sun in October reflects the hope and smile on the freshmen's face. When they entered the school gate with confusion, warm smile, patient explanation, wonderful activities are waiting for them. And these seem to be the key to the new year. The teachers were carefully handling every procedure for the freshmen, and the elder students also help to carry the luggage for the freshmen. On the Sany Talents Avenue, we can see the recruitment of all departments.

    In the coming days right after the registration, freshmen are going to face severe challenges. According to the arrangement, after the freshmen registration, the school will carry out the opening ceremony, entrance education, military training and other activities. We believe that difficulties will be overcome with the joint efforts of teachers and students.