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  • 2019 Pumping International Class Commendation Meeting was held yesterday

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  • Source: Liu Lu(Pumping International class);Editor:Zhang Miaochen

    October 16th, Leaders of Sany Pumping International Marketing Company(Pumping Company) came to Hunan Sany Polytechnic College(HSPC) to join the commendation meeting of 2019 Pumping International Class(Pumping Class).

    Bin Saizhao, the student representative of Pumping Class, delivered a speech at the beginning of the commendation conference, sharing the learning situation, transformation process and feelings of the class in the past year from the perspective of students.

    With the impelling and honorary award music, the leaders of both school and the pumping company awarded 18 outstanding of Pumping class, as well as excellent tutor Yue Chao, outstanding professional teacher Liao Yinling and Li Yanhua.

    Sun Yan, general manager of Pumping Company, and Chen Zhenglong, President of Automotive Engineering School of Sany vocational College, respectively made speeches on this commendation meeting.

    The leaders expressed sincere congratulations to the award-winning teachers and students, recognized their achievements, and encouraged students to continue to work hard and forge ahead.