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  • Good news: Sany students won awards in FLTRP · Guocai Cup National English contest

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  • By Zhang Miaochen

    In order to improve the students' interest in English learning, respond actively to the teaching concept of promoting teaching and learning through competition, students in Hunan SANY Polytechnic College(HSPC) joined the FLTRP · Guocai Cup National English speech&writing  contest in Hunan in October.  

    The topic of the speech contest is Challenge to All ,it is not only a contest topic, but also a topic of the times; it is a speech and also a dialogue with the world. This topic is both open and enlightening, which provides a broader space for the players to display.

    After several rounds of fierce competition, Zhu Linfeng from 2019 Pumping International Class, and Liu Lei from 2019 International Headquarter Class won the second and third prize in speech contest. Chen Zhengyang from 2019 HongHai International Class and Yi Lingbo from 2019 International Headquarter Class won the third prize in writing contest.

    These competitors stood out from many rounds of competition. They had prepared for nearly half a year. Like Zhu Linfeng,he got third prize last year, and this year he fought himself a new breakthough.

    Congratulations to all the competitors, we wish more and more students will keep working on English learning, and fight for the future.