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  • High paid Job or College Study?SANY Students Show the Answer

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  • By Zhang Miaochen

    “I come for International class,I want to see the world.”Xie Hao,a freshman major in construction machinery from Hunan Sany Polytechnic College (HSPC)said like that when he stood at the school gate.

    Meanwhile, a student named Chen Zhenya who major in mechatronics engineering also told the story of giving up great job and come back to school for deeper learning when he was consulting on the master degree’s program of City University of Malaysia.(City U)

    HSPC and City U are co-educational institutions,in order that students can have more choices when plan for their future,the two sides had a year long discussion about the program.We have also reached cooperation intention on exchange study,study tour and other projects.

    HSPC is committed to the best development of students all year round.International and pluralistic,That’s why more and more high quality students were attracted to here to study.