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  • New Journey, New Start——A series of lectures on International Class of 2020 Construction Specialty was successfully held

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  • Source:Lu Kai(2019 Honghai International Class) ; Editor: Zhang Miaochen

    November 3 to 5,a series of lectures on engineering international class were successfully held in Hunan Sany Polytechnic College(HSPC). There were 4 lecture, which were given by Dai Xiaojia, Director of International Exchange Center and Zhang miaochen, International Development Manager of International Exchange Center, and Chen Zhenglong, Dean of Automotive Engineering College, attended the conference in person.

    In the speech, Director Dai Xiaojia fully explained and interpreted the success, strategy and necessity of the international class held by HSPC with her understanding of internationalization for many years. She also introduced in detail the background of the international class, the talent training mode, the employment situation of the international class and the registration process. She pointed out that the development of enterprises must take the international route and need diversified talents who can adapt to the international situation. With her French learning experience in France, she encouraged the students to challenge high-intensity foreign language learning, overcome difficulties, integrate foreign language and major into life, and master various skills to adapt to future life and work abroad. In the process of the lecture, the students were attentive to listen and actively interact with each other.

    This session of the speeches opened the way for the freshmen to plan their university life and career in advance. The students actively signed up for the international class. After each lecture, the students competed to communicate with the teachers. The teachers patiently answer every question of the students, and encourage them to actively join the international class, and encourage them to keep their original intention and strive for success.

    The international class interview will be held soon. We hope that Sany students can seize the opportunity to improve their English level, professional level and comprehensive quality, try to keep up with international talents and strive to be Sany trendsetters!