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  • New Life, New Purpose ——A series of lectures on International Class of 2020 Electromechanical Specialty was successfully held

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  • November 9 to 11,a series of lectures on mechatronics international class were successfully held in Hunan Sany Polytechnic College(HSPC). There were 2 lectures, which were given by Dai Xiaojia, Director of International Exchange Center and Zhang miaochen, International Development Manager of International Exchange Center.

    The teachers shared the video of the senior students on their overseas experiences. While introducing themselves, they encourage them to join the big family of international classes and live in a different way in international classes. Dai Xiaojia said that the international class could change oneself and make English a second language of his own and become more confident. TLi Tai'an,students from 1901 International Pumping class introduced the life of the international class to the younger students. In the international class, there were more outdoor training activities, competitions inside and outside the school, and exhibition stage to exercise themselves. Then he answered the questions of younger students.      


    This issue of the speech for students is to determine the direction, for their planning of college life and career guidance. After each conference, the younger students were scrambling to communicate with the teachers. The teachers answered the questions of younger students and carefully, and encouraged them to join the international class actively, and encourage them to keep their hearts in mind.

    Right after the lectures, an interview was held to select students to join Mechatronics international class.Students who applied to the international class prepared English self introduction to show their English ability, and answered questions from the judges. The final result will come out next week.


    Sany students strive hard to improve their English level, professional level and comprehensive quality in the international class, and strive to keep pace with international talents and strive to be a new era of Trinity!