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  • Representatives of City University of Malaysia visit students

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  • By Zhang Miaochen

    On December 4, 2020, Duan Fang, Director of Hunan teaching center of City University of Malaysia, and his party came to visit the students who signed up for the program of upgrading from junior high school to master's degree. Zhang miaochen, the Commissioner of the International Exchange center of the college, accompanied the reception.

    Duan Fang and his party came to the teaching building and the training room. They used the break time to find the students, and explained the admission contract and the subsequent application procedures for the pre master's program in detail. For students under the age of 18, Duan Fang repeatedly stressed the importance of guardian's opinions for project application. Finally, Duan Fang personally presented the "limited edition" school emblem sent by Malaysia and warm customized gifts to encourage them to study hard, make progress actively and prepare for studying abroad in the future. Zhang miaochen also put forward requirements for students' learning plans, requiring them to focus on improving English and make a good learning plan to meet the challenges of overseas study.

    Yan Bicheng, a student in 2001 class of construction project informatization, said: "My family supports me to study abroad. Through understanding and comparison, we also know that this project is very suitable for us. I believe that I can have more choices in the future by obtaining higher education abroad. " Faced with the teacher's request to improve English, Shao LingChao, a student of E-commerce class 2002, said: "I am memorizing words every day and improving my listening and speaking by watching English movies." Director Duan Fang affirmed the positive efforts of the students.

    Recently, the City University of Malaysia gave a special lecture to the 2020 freshmen on the project of upgrading from a junior college to a master's degree, attracting more than 40 students to come for consultation. The implementation of this project has opened a new window and provided more choices for Sany students to expand their international vision. We believe that through the understanding of these projects, students will have a clearer and more advanced plan for their future development.