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  • The International Class Recruitment of Hehe Group was Held Successfully

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  • Source:Peng Yongzheng(2001 Engineering International Class)

    Instructor:Wang Li

    Editor:Zhang Miaochen

    With the sharp increase of Sany's sales in 2020 and its sales in overseas markets,the demand for overseas talents is also rising. On December 15, one of the top three agents of Sany's, Hehe Group came to Hunan Sany Polytechnic College,to hold a recruitment and conducted an interview for International Classe in the C105  Classroom. 
    Senior leaders represented by the assistant of President of Hehe Group, Yi Qing, the Manager of Training department, Ms. Chen Xuefen, attended the meeting.

    The students who took part in the interview were mainly from Engineering Internationalclass. Before the interview, Yi Qing introduced the requirements of Sany Group, Sany products, Hehe Group and overseas market to all the students, so that students could be more clear about their purposes of forming International orientation class.
    The interview was held in the C105 classroom. The employers attached great importance to students' English, majors and family, etc. The interviewers also gave some suggestions to the students, which is valuable for students. 
    As it is the first interview for the freshmen, they try to understand what enterprises need and will make efforts to meet their standards. No matter what the final result is, they will work hard in future.