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  • Hunan Sany Polytechnic College has won more than 40 awards in the national skills competition

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  • By Zhang Miaochen

    The Sixth National Applied Talents Comprehensive Skills Competition held by China Association For Student Employment has come to a successful conclusion. A total of 44 works of Hunan Sany Industrial Vocational and technical college have won awards, including one national first prize, 22 second prizes and 21 third prizes.

    Among these students,more than 11 students were come from International Classes.The college has always attached great importance to the cultivation of students' innovation and practical ability, and actively encouraged and supported teachers to lead students to participate in high-level skills competitions. With perfect competition system, powerful competition platform, strong teaching staff, stable and lasting financial support, we can gather superior competition resources and stimulate the main competition vitality.Especially to the International Classes,students are acquired more to train themselves as an representative of China and Sany.

    The competition not only provides Sany vocational college students with a stage to show their comprehensive skills, but also provides a platform for the outside world to better understand Sany vocational college. The college will continue to build the training mode of applied International talents,to meet the needs of enterprises for international talents.