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  • Hunan Guoxiang Human Resources and Labor Service Co., Ltd. visited HSPC

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  • On January 7, 2021, Ms. Zhang Xiange, Chairman of Hunan Guoxiang Human resources and labor Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as "Guoxiang human resources") and her party visited HSPC to discuss international school enterprise cooperation. Zeng Hongbo, Deputy director of Sany training center, Wang Furong, Director of teaching and research section of Institute of architecture and technology, Ye Wen, Teacher of College of automotive engineering, Liao Yinling, teacher of General education center, Ma yingzi, Commissioner of school enterprise cooperation office, and Zhang miaochen, the Commissioner of the International Exchange center attended the reception.
    Ms. Zhang Xiange and her party successively visited the training center, Sany cultural industry center, construction machinery training field and prefabricated building training field, and highly praised the college's software and hardware facilities.
    At the fair, the leaders of the college extended a warm welcome to Ms. Zhang and her party. Zhang miaochen gave a detailed introduction to the international business of the college from the aspects of international class, international training, studying in SANY, cooperative education, etc. Then, Ms. Zhang Xiange made a brief introduction to the international business of Guoxiang human resources. She said that there is a huge demand for overseas employment, but due to the limitations of professional technology and English level, overseas labor service has appeared a fault phenomenon. International class of school enterprise cooperation and international training will provide the most suitable solution to solve this problem.
    Then, Wang Furong, Director of the teaching and Research Office of architecture, and Ye Wen, teacher of the College of automotive engineering, respectively elaborated the construction engineering and construction machinery related majors from the aspects of professional background, talent training, curriculum, teacher allocation, etc. Director Wang Furong pointed out that the college always focuses on providing high-quality talents for the long-term development of society, and has set up a large number of new majors. Among them, prefabricated construction will become a new development direction of overseas construction in the future, and the college will provide the most advanced technology and talent support for enterprises in this aspect. Mr. Ye Wen pointed out that as a designated unit of national construction machinery vocational education and training, the college has the most cutting-edge construction machinery equipment and experienced teachers, which can effectively meet the labor training needs of Hunan Province.
    The two sides also discussed issues of concern. Guoxiang human resources sent a sincere invitation to our hospital, welcomed our hospital to visit Guoxiang human resources, and looked forward to further in-depth communication. The two sides will strengthen exchanges and interaction, explore the possibility of diversified cooperation, and promote the common development of both schools and enterprises.