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  • International class English Examination Completed successfully

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  • By Zhang Miaochen
    From January 4 to 14, 2021, all the students in the international class of HSPC ushered in a decisive "big test" - the final oral English test . The executive examiner team of this assessment is composed of all teachers from the English teaching and research group of the General Education Center, teachers from the International exchange center and some overseas returned teachers. Overseas experts from targeted enterprises are invited to serve as the main examiner. This is not only a final exam, but also a stress interview.
    This assessment is divided into two categories: Grade 2019 introduces the company and products in the form of PPT statement, and Grade 2020 completes the self compiled dialogue in the form of drawing lots. All candidates will also face the "soul torture" of the examiner after completing the topic content. In addition to the content learned in the classroom, the questions may involve all aspects, and comprehensively assess the students' English knowledge application, on-the-spot adaptability, pressure resistance and expressiveness.
    In the face of the English test and the grand battle, the students of the international class finished the test with excitement and nervousness. The enterprise examiner looked at the students' great progress and highly affirmed their amazing performance. Some enterprises throw out the olive branch of employment in six overseas countries, and conduct secondary selection on the spot. After the interview, the College received job demands from 4 enterprises.
    This assessment not only improves the ability of students, but also deepens the interaction between schools and enterprises. We believe that through the joint efforts of schools and enterprises, Sany students can move forward steadily and have a bright future on the world stage.