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  •   Admission Requirements

      1. Overseas Chinese and foreigners at age 18 to 25, Being in good health

      2. Academic record equivalent to a Chinese high school graduate or above;

      3. Interests in Chinese culture, society and economy;

      4. Good self-discipline and interpersonal skills for independent living and                 studying;

      5. Financial support from family or other organizations;

      6. The college enrolls students at both spring and fall semesters, in March and September. Students may apply at anytime of the year.


           Candidates shall submit the documents to International Students Office of HSPC (all the             documents will not be returned). Documents required include:

      1. HSPC International Student Application Form (download from the                           attachment on the bottom );

      2. Foreigner PhysicalExamination Form;

      3. Photocopy of valid passport;

      4. Two passport-sizedphotos;

      5. Notarized documents for senior high graduate certificates and transcripts

      6. Certificate of Non-criminal Conviction

          7. Last two month bank statement


    if you have any questions free to contact us

    International exchange center


    Email:   ;