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  • Rules for International students
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  • 1.Abide by Chinese laws, decrees and relevant regulations

    2.Abide by the rules and regulations of HSPC, and abide the management system by the international division

    3.Abide by the discipline of study, be diligent and eager to learn, and conscientiously complete various learning tasks

    4.Abide by public order, do not smoke in public places, do not talk loudly, and dress neatly

    5.Keep the apartment clean and tidy, No littering in the apartment

    6.Respect the customs and habits of the Chinese people, and other countries’ customs and habits

    7.Respect the teachers and the elders, maintain close relations with schoolmates

    8.Preserve public property and campus

    9.Energy-saving, Environment friendly, do not waste water, electricity, food and other resources