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  • Notice for International Students’ Security
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  • 1. Traffic safety: Strictly abide by Traffic Rules of China. No drunken biking and other motor vehicles. Do not exceed the speed limit when driving motor vehicle

    2. Fire prevention: high-power electrical appliances are not allow to use in apartment. Hazardous articles are not allowed to be taken into apartment and stored. Do not extend and connect arbitrarily wires without permission. Fuel gases are prohibited to use. Please cut off all electrical appliances after leaving college for a long time

    3. Protection against theft: Secure doors and windows when getting out. Properly keep credentials, money and valuables safe when shopping outside or taking a public conveyance. Do not go to an out-out-the-way place alone. Do not bring others into the apartment stay overnight without permission

    4. Dietetic hygiene: Do not buy food and beverage from an unauthorized of dietetic hygiene license shop. Pay attention on the expiration date and avoid to eat spoiled food

    5. No alcoholism: Drinking in the apartment is not allowed, and go out for drinking late at night

    6. No Smoking: Smoking is strictly prohibited on campus, and in public places such as cafeterias and elevators

    7. Prevention of infectious diseases: If you have symptoms of flu and fever, please go to the hospital for treatment in time and inform the responsible teacher as soon as possible

    8. Prevention against natural disasters: Strengthen self-protection awareness to ensure safety in case of lighting strike, rainstorm and other disastrous weather conditions. Be familiar with the nearest assembly point and other refuge places

    9. Prevention of psychological illness: Build up a mental health consciousness, and enhance self-psychological adjustment and adaptability

    10. Avoidance of disputes: Help make your apartment a quite and comfortable place. Do not speak loudly and avoid making noise to affect others’ rest. Avoid rough play, retain self-control when coming into conflict with others. Keep yourself safe, and seek help from relevant management to resolve disputes