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  • International Student Apartment Management Regulations
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  • 1. The apartment is arranged by the International Student Office and it is responsible for providing and collecting of the keys. The  International Student Office is also responsible for exchanging keys temporary, organizing international students living and maintaining the orders.

    2. The International Student Office can adjust the rooms of international students according to the actual demands.

    3. Guests who come to visit must go through the registration of the guards and go through the check-in procedures before entering the school. After 19:00 in the evening, the visitors will be stopped, and strangers are not allowed to stay overnight. International students should return to the room before 10:30 in the evening. After 10:30 in the evening, it is not allowed to enter or leave the student residence. (except for night business or emergency medical events)

    4. International students have to check in with designated room and bed. Anyone who changes privately will be punished according to relevant regulations; if it needs to be exchanged with special reasons, they must submit a written application to the International Student Office, and rooms can be exchanged after approval by the International Student Office.

    5. The International Student Apartment shall have a uniform working schedule. During the class time, if there is an international student who need to rest in apartment with illness. He/she needs to have doctors’ certification and Signature approval of the class teacher.

    6. The International Student Apartment pays the utility fee for the dormitory as per unit price, the water is paid according to the amount of the water meter, and the electricity is paid according to the amount of the electricity meter. Monthly water and electricity charges are paid each month. If the student arrears utility fee deliberately, the Logistics Department has the right to stop water and power supply.

    7. When the international students graduate, drop out of school or are suspended from their studies, they can go through the formalities of leaving the school but they have to wait the check by the Logistics Department.

    8. International students who need to stay in school for vacations should register with the Logistics Department and the International Student Office within the prescribed time limit. And then they can go through relevant formalities.