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  • International Student Apartment Discipline Requirements
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  • 1. It is strictly prohibited to set off fireworks and firecrackers in the apartment area or playing basketball, football, ice skating, weightlifting, boxing and other sports;

    2. It is strictly prohibited to talk loudly, sing loudly and play a musical instrument in public area;

    3. It is strictly prohibited to take illegal drugs, smoke, drink alcohol or chew betel nuts in the apartment;

    4. It is strictly prohibited to keep harmful instruments such as control knives in the apartment;

    5. It is strictly prohibited to post advertisements, posters or uncivilized promotional materials in the apartment area;

    6. It is strictly prohibited to have any commercial activities in the apartment;

    7. It is strictly prohibited to allow for heterosexual visitors or keep anyone stay overnight in the apartment;

    8. It is strictly prohibited to keep pets in the apartment, climb the guardrail and climb over the balcony;

    9. Obey the fire, public security and other regulations, and do not use fire facilities casually;

    10. When checking the bed, the student who is inspected should accept the inspection and inquiry of the staff, and answer the questions politely;

    11. Passages in public areas such as entrances, stairwells, and corridors of student apartments must be kept open, and it is strictly prohibit to pile up debris;

    12. It is strictly prohibited to use electric equipment which is overloaded. If there is anyone who use or have electric furnace, gas, etc., International Student Office will immediately punish this student and collect electric equipment;

    13. It is strictly prohibited to call the service calls such as “119”, “110”, “120”  and the emergency call for no reason on campus;

    14. International students who wire and damage water and electricity facilities privately, he/she will be punished as per seriousness of the case;

    15. It is strictly prohibited to modify hydro-power facilities privately. If it is necessary to change the hydro-power facilities due to special circumstances, the Logistics Department will make arrangements.