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  • Health and Property Management of International Students Apartment
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  • 1.Be hygienic and civilized, and do not litter in the dormitory.

    2.The quilts and clothes of each dormitory should be neatly arranged. Don't hang clothes by rope.

    3.The sweeper will keep the public places, the corridors clean and unobstructed. Do not pile up debris in the corridors and do not cook food in the corridors and rooms.

    4.International students need to clean the dormitory. Putting garbage into the garbage bag and take it to dustbin downstairs. Do not put garbage in the corridor or thrown out of the window.

    5.Students are not allowed to spit on the floor in the dormitory and throw leftovers or dirty water outside the window or in the building.And do not painting or pasting anything at anywhere.

    6. International students should keep individual things well by themselves, and use public things together.

    7. International student needs to compensate for the things which was damaged by himself/herself.

    8.Doors and windows should be closed when the weather changes or during holidays to avoid broke the glasses.

    9. During staying at the school, if the lock,windows, glasses, bed, desk and chairs of the apartment are damaged, students should register with the Logistics Department, who will arrange maintenance.

    10. Students are not allowed to modify, replace, disassemble furniture or move the furniture out of the apartment.

    11.Students are not allowed to use nails, paints or other tools to damage furniture or walls when decorating the apartment. International students must take good care of public property. If the public property was damaged, students should compensate for the damage at full price, and he/she will be published according to the seriousness of the case.

    12.Students must obey the fire prevention regulations. Do not tamper with distribution boxes and fire fighting equipment. Inflammable and explosive articles shall not be brought into the room or stored in the room. Otherwise, the one who causes the loss shall compensate for all the losses.